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Lutcher High School
th & 8th Grade School Supply List

Flash Drive (Labeled with student name)
Personal headphones/earbuds (Labeled with student name)
6 packs of wide-ruled loose leaf
1 pack of sheet protectors
2 packs blue or black ink pens
1 pack red ink pens
2 packs lead pencils
1 pack pencils
1 personal pencil sharpener WITH plastic cover to hold shavings 1 pack of 4 EXPO dry erase markers
Glue Sticks
4 highlighters of varying colors
1 pack of markers
1 pack of crayons
1 pack of colored pencils (if wanted)
1 Heavy Duty 2” Binder with Dividers
4 Manilla folders (Do not label--Teachers will do this)
4 packs of Post-It Notes
1 bottle Germ-X
(Give to 1st Block teachers
1 roll of paper towels (Give to 2
nd Block teachers)
2 boxes of Kleenex
(Give to 3rd and 4th Block teachers)

1 case to hold basic supplies
1 schoolbag strong enough to hold your laptop
To be kept at home: Index cards, Posters, and Construction Paper

Note: There may be other minor supplies that individual teachers request.