Social Studies

Google Earth - Lesson plans for teachers -
Thinkfinity - free on-line educational resources

Picts4Learning– images without copyright issues


Global History web quest - People who have made a difference in history –


National Geographic- Maps and Expeditions


Primary Source - Discover, Learn, and Teach with Digital Historial Document


Ben's Guide to US Government for Kids


Web Quests – all subjects


Regents Prep




American Presidents- Grolier Encyclopedia


High School ACE– Homework help, activities and lessons




Eyewitness To History  Letters, narratives, diaries, recordings and interviews


The History Place  - on-line exhibits include timelines, photos, personal histories, etc.


History Wizard– search site for multimedia collections, films, books, articles by topic, keyword or region, time period.


Primary Source Documents   dealing with the history of the US


Maps of the World, Continents and Countries to print and label


Web Quests for your students on all topics – written by teachers


Free resource links compiled by the Federal Government – by topic – great!


Maps of USA