The National Science Digital Library - - An online library of resources for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and research from the National Science Foundation.

Exploratorium Digital Library- - The collectioons includes articles, videos, images, exhibits and activities related to science.

Scientific American - - You can search the Scientific American website and find articles from past issues. Good for science research projects.

Science Books Online - - Links to free books online. Use the menu of topics on the left. Don't get confused and click on the links in the Google Ads. They are free!

EINet Chemistry page. This page has a good list of chemistry links. More interestingly, it now offers a monthly guest lecturer on chemistry topics under the link "WWW Hub for Chemistry." One article was on DNA, the central dogma of life; another is on HIV-1, its causes and relation to AIDS.

Yahoo's Chemistry list.Yahoo has a great list of chemistry resources, updated an a regular basis.

Chemistry: Links for Chemists The University of Liverpool Department of Chemistry maintains an extensive list of chemistry resources--over 4000 links!--including magazines and journals. A good site for locating online reference materials.